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LB3250 Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant

Control System
● Air conditioner is equipped in the control room.
● The whole equipment can make manual, semi-automatic and full automatic control through PC/PLC. It adopts standard SIEMENS industrial PLC and standard industrial computer.
● It adopts MS and SIEMENS commercial software, Kingview configuration software, and JRM technology control system. The multimedia device displays the technology process of the whole equipment in real time. And the parameter setting and modification are all made through the computer. And it has various functions like formula input, automatic error correction, and dynamic follow-up of asphalt-aggregate ratio, automatic trouble diagnosis, automatic alarm, data sheet print and storage.

Cold Materials System
●Cold hoppers are designed to 3-hopper integration and2-hopper integration ; the feeding machine is controlled by the primary frequency converting control. The hopper is mounted with guard plate and grid plate at the top and there is an alarm device at the discharging port which alarms when there are no materials.
● The sand bin is mounted with vibrating tamper.
● The hopper and feeder design effectively reduces arch camber and avoids belt damage.
● The modular design is very convenient for installation, dismantle, and site transfer.
● There is a rejection bucket for big materials below the belt conveyor.

Drying System
● The outer wall of drying drum adopts mineral wool for thermal insulation, and it is wrapped with tin plate. The discharging port adopts heatproof rubber seal; the specific design of diameter, length and internal guide plate ensure the optimal heat exchange and minimum of heat loss, which saves energy and improves the adaptability to the environment.
● It adopts friction drive, and the running of drum and the axial movement is controlled through the fine adjustment of the inclination angle.
● The burner adopts digital frequency conversion technology; all the combustion parameters are automatically controlled through PLC; the axial fan is controlled by the variable frequency device and the fuel control system precisely controls the air fuel ratio; and it effectively reduces the mechanical wear and extends the service life.

Mixing Tower
● The mixing tower is designed with European technology.
● The bucket, feeding chute, and discharging port of the hot aggregate elevator are all welded with wear resistant steel plate.
● The vibrating screen is double shaft driven. There are 4 solutions, respectively 4 screens, 5 screens, 6 screens and 7 screens, which can meet the requirements for the production of various kinds of asphalt materials.
● The hot storage bin is optimally designed; and the material level detection adopts point location and continuous detection methods. The discharging door adopts special structure, pneumatic control and computerized automatic dynamic compensation, so that the aggregate weighing precision is effectively under control.
● All the aggregate scale, filler scale and bitumen scale adopt sensors of world-famous brand.
● The mixing drum is dual horizontal shaft driven with max. capacity of 3,500kg. The side door is convenient for service and maintenance, and the replacement of arm,paddle and linear plate, etc.
● The main frame adopts modular design, which is convenient for dismantle and site transfer.

Dust removal, filler feeding and finished materials storage system
● Primary cyclone dust collector and secondary bag filter. The bag dust collector adopts pulse meter to control the cleaning automatically. The overheat protection device and bag made of Dupont materials ensure the safety and stability of the machine.
● The filler feeding system adopts air-blowing and vibration method at the discharging port. The feeding of filler is either by air-blowing or by elevator. And the feeding of recycling filler silo adopts roots blower.
● Storage of mixed materials. The winch adopts frequency control. The storage bin is designed to avoid dissociation. The discharging can be controlled either in the control room or on the site. And the outer wall of the bin adopts multiple kinds of thermal insulation. 




Production capacity (t/h)220~260
Mixing drum capacity (kg)3250
Mixer power (kw)2x37kw
Cold materials systemHopper amount5
Hopper volume (m3)12
Feeding width (m)3.6
Dryer drumDiameter×length2.6x9
Drive power (kw)4x22kw
Bag filter Area (m2)896
Power of exhaust fan (kw)160
Hot vibrating screenScreen layer5
Drive power (kw)2x15kw
Hot storage bin (m3)50
Mixed materials storage binVolume (m3)120
Reducer power (kw)55
Bitumen heating & storage systemHot oil heater (x104kcal/h)50
Discharge chute (L)10,000
Bitumen tank (L)3x40,000

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