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Speech of Qin Senyuan-JRM Road Machinery Products Exhibition

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Shaping the inner strength, showing good image, focusing on the future

Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, friends and the news media:
Good afternoon.
Firstly, on behalf of Jilin Province Road Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.(JRM), I’d like to thank you for taking your time off your busy schedule to attend “Senyuan•JRM” Road Machinery Exhibition, and express our warmest welcome and most sincere thanks.
It’s been 40 years through thick and thin, JRM’s development and achievements are inseparable from the friends here for your continued support and generous help, and also inseparable from the new or old friends for your identity and accompany in the future.
Next, I’d like to give you a brief introduction of our company practically and realistically. JRM is China's the earliest two asphalt mixing plant manufacturers, which specialized in R & D, manufacturing, sales (rental) Road Machinery. Our company has a long history, rich experience and heritage.
In 1995, JRM and the Research Institute of Jilin Province Ministry of Transportation drafted the national industry standards for batch asphalt mixing plant together.“First class companies made the standards, second class companies focused on brand, third class companies focused on technology, fourth class companies focused on manufacture”. As a unit who drafted the national standards, JRM pursues cost – effective, but not only price.
In 1999, by right of mature experience and proprietary technology on series batch asphalt mixing plant, JRM successfully completed national high-tech demonstrated industrialization project for large capacity asphalt mixing plants. That means, we opened a prelude to large-scale production on LB3000 model and larger capacity models by support of national policy early in 1999. We made ​​a great contribution to revitalize national industry and to replace imports with domestic Asphalt Mixing plants. This is enough to say that JRM has a high status and clout in asphalt mixing plant industry.
In 2010, the project“ Annual output of 50 sets of recycling asphalt mixing plant” was approved by the state, and we got 8,160,000 State support funds. Modern enterprise standards new factory will be built and used in 2013. Then JRM will have advanced processing equipment, excellent working environment, production and processing technology will be more scientific and reasonable, product quality and production capacity will be greatly improved.
In 2012, Senyuan and JRM were jointed, restructured and listed. This marks the beginning of a new era, let us work together to create a better future.
JRM main products: batch asphalt mixing plant, recycling asphalt mixing plant, concrete mixing plant, soil stabilizer, etc.
Up to now, sales for the year 2013 has amounted to nearly 300 million yuan, among which, 170 million yuan of Highway Maintenance Products, series asphalt plants 130 million yuan. It is expected full-year sales in 2013 will exceed 350 million yuan.
At present, our products run with high market coverage in the north. In the future, based in the northern market, we will continue to intensify efforts to develop the South and the international markets. This year, we have a major breakthrough in Mongolia market, and also sign of improving the Russian market
So, how to look at the market competition? Competition is inevitable, competition is the driving force to develop the company, the most important thing is to make our company stronger through management, and to enhance the core competitiveness. After restructured, by the capital strength of listed company, and lined with the management structure of the company, JRM will regard competition as development power, and establish a standardized and operable management system. We will mobilize the enthusiasm of each employee with fair, just, positive incentives, reverse restraint policy. Starting from the technical design source, product stability and reliability of technology will be enhanced. With advanced processing equipment and advanced technology to ensure product quality inherent and appearance quality. Meanwhile, we see service as an important part of product quality. Moreover, we cooperate with our customers sincerely, and I think JRM will be invincible.
In conclusion, our current phase of management philosophy is: "truth-seeking, pragmatic, management, efficiency, innovation, competed.”
Finally, I will end up my speech with part of company culture.
Company Vision: being evergreens in the field of Road Machinery
Company mission: with technology innovation, making road construction mechanization become more efficient, more confidence, more practical, more economical, more environmentally.
Company values: JRM will be more powerful because of me, and I will be proud of JRM.
Company philosophy: adhering to provide users with cost-effective products always.
No matter how the above observations are, they are my heart and soul, and we would like to discuss with you in depth further.
Finally, I hope we will win together, and create a bright future!
Thank you!     

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