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Speech of Guo Songsen—Chairman of Senyuan for Senyuan-JRM Road Machinery Products Exhibition

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Environment protection, innovation and seeking common development

Distinguished Director, and mayor,
Leaders from Highway Administration, Highway Bureau, urban construction units,
new and old customers of Senyuan&JRM ,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
In this beautiful season, we are together here—the Norther River City, Jilin City, I’m very glad that you could attend  Senyuan-JRM Road Machinery Products Exhibition.
First, On behalf of Senyuan Corp. and all employees, and also in my own name, I’d like to show my sincere welcome to all friends here. Congratulations to the opening of Senyuan-JRM Road Machinery Products Exhibition.
By strong support of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Senyuan Corp. and JRM completed a reorganization of assets in November 2012, which achieved a powerful combination. Over the past year, in the community's strong support, the Senyuan Corp and JRM made considerable progress. As the national standard-setting unit the same, Senyuan Corp mainly produce new road maintenance equipment, JRM is mainly involved in road construction machinery, and made a number of invention patents and technological achievements transformation in their respective fields. After the reorganization, it is apparent to show 1 +1> 2 synergistic effect, to provide a favorable security for the group product strategy of "multi-level, a full range" , to become a world-class & leading manufacture for technical support with experience in construction, who is able to provide a full range of asphalt pavement recycling technology solutions.
The meeting regards " Environment protection, innovation and seeking common development " as the theme, and has a practical significance.
——From the perspective of demand for services and security, as continuous expansion of cities and continuous increase for expectations and requirements of public road transport travel service, it has become highly concerned social issues to enhance the level of mechanization of urban road management and maintenance and solve the traffic congestion and travel safety. In addition, China has entered a period of prominent conflicts between resources and environment, the development of environment protection, and promotion of resources recycling, effectively protection and improvement of ecological environment are becoming an urgent and arduous task. So our government at all levels and road maintenance machinery industry have faced with insurmountable responsibility to solve the above problems.
——From the perspective of the current economic environment, affected by the global economic downturn, relying on a single way to promote economic growth is no longer sustainable, China's economic growth mode is in a transition period orbit, economic growth slows down, local revenue declines. Especially in the context of real estate macro control, land revenue decreases significantly, local financial difficulties exacerbates. In this condition, to enhance the level of mechanization of urban road management and maintenance highlights the concept of public service and is facing financial difficulties.
——In this condition, as a listed company in China’s road construction and maintenance industry, the mergers and acquisitions of JRM by Senyuan Corp can take full advantage of capital market funds, and solve the problem of enhancing the level of mechanization of urban road management and maintenance and a shortage of funds, and provide the best quality service. We can carry out direct sales, consignment, operating leases, finance leases, BT mode and other forms of cooperation, and get win-win.
Ladies and gentlemen,
The road construction and maintenance products researched and developed by Senyuan Corp and JRM have reached the international first-class domestic leading level. Our products cover twelve countries and the 23 domestic provinces, and are highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers. In order to improve the level of urban management and maintenance of mechanization, to highlight the concept of public service and refer to BT mode, Jilin Province government cooperate with Senyuan Corp and Signed a cooperation contract worth 130 million yuan this April. Up to now, Senyuan regeneration unit in this project is still constructing in repair of Jilin city road, and get high recognition and praise by Jilin People.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I believe we can give full play of farsightedness, take use of funds of listed companies, innovate the mode, discuss cooperation and seek common development. Finally, Wish you working happy, healthy, happy family.
Thank you!

Guo Songsen  -- Chairman of Senyuan Corp
July 4th, 2013

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